Confetti— Interview assignment

The Challenge

I was asked to participate in this Design Assignment. Confetti prepared this as part of their recruitment process. The assignment was divided into 4 parts. Each of them representing the type of tasks that I’d be doing on a day to day basis.



Social Media Design
Document Design
Invitation Design
Banner Design


Dispute Resolution

As a managed marketplace we don’t just partner with the best vendors to provide the products and services on our platform, but we also take active measures to ensure your event will run smoothly and to your absolute satisfaction (see our Vetting Process).

Troubleshooting an Event Issue

In the rare case that you are unsatisfied with one or more components of your event, you must first reach out to your dedicated event coordinator during the event (as soon as possible), as the vast majority of issues can be resolved in real time, eventually leaving you with a positive experience.

Filing a Dispute

If your issue was not resolved to your satisfaction during the event, you may file a dispute in relation to all, or some of your event elements.

To do so, please email [email protected] (CC’ing your event coordinator), no more than 24 hours following your event. Please describe your dissatisfaction in detail, including a description of your original expectation, and, If relevant, include photos or any other indicators which could help our team in investigating the issue.

Our Investigation Procedure

Once a dispute is filed, our team will carefully inspect the details provided by you, analyze them, and if needed, conduct a mutual investigation with the vendor(s) involved.

In order to make sure that each one of our customers will always be satisfied with our service, even in cases of dissatisfaction from an event, we hold on to your event fees for 3 days following your event, before transferring them to the vendor(s). In cases when a dispute was found justified, either fully or partially, this allows us to make a full or partial refund of your event fees.

Since we all know there are two sides to every story, it is up to our team to determine how the responsibility for your dissatisfaction falls between the different parties involved in your event, and as a result, whether a compensation is due and which.

We hope that you will never have the need to use our Dispute Resolution Process, but also that it provides comfort and peace-of-mind knowing it’s there.