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The Challenge

After registering a new account you can create a character choosing from more than 1,000,000 combinations.

Players battle each other on a board trying to collect coins, gold nuggets and defeating each other with special abilities.

TokaTeam, a group of Polish developers hired me to fully design and illustrate this colorful connect-3 mobile video game. This project involved designing and animating hundreds of assets including characters, monsters, resources, UI/UX elements, and backgrounds.


Research & Planning
Motion Graphics
Game Design
Character Design
Concept Art

The Approach

With a daunting task ahead of me, I met with the developers to discuss the scope of the project, as well as the different user journeys available throughout the game.

I started by sketching and digitalizing concept art for the characters and the logo. Once those were approved, I worked on the landing page, the sign-up form and some additional screens for the minimum viable project—screens like the arena where the main part of the gameplay happens. Once we finally had a clear art direction, the developers started testing the main gameplay loop as I frenetically put sprite sheets together.

The Outcome

By the time the project was done, I was left with several thousand assets. Elements such as buttons, frames, boards, and backgrounds, as well as the hundreds of customizable elements for the avatar creation part of the game. I also ended up designing the UI for more than 10 different screens, along with animated illustrations for a dozen locations, half a dozen animated NPCs, more than thirty monster avatars, several special moves with their animated special effects, and the 5 main animated resources used in the puzzle game.

With the help of the developers, we were able to make and launch a fully-functioning game in less than 5 months.

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