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The Challenge

Stiva is a real estate developer that found itself at a crossroads: while they had some of the best real estate developments in the country, suitable for every kind of lifestyle, their bottom-line just wasn’t growing as expected. They figured that perhaps their brand wasn’t communicating what their brand represented: an approachable, innovative developer, focused on evolving an idea into a transcendent reality.


Branding & Identity
Web Design & Development

The Approach

People often see real estate as a dream, but not of a lifeless brick & mortar construction; rather, when they see a house, they see the chance to give their families a place where they can be safe; when investors see vertical developments, they see a contribution to a local community; when they see commercial developments, they see a chance to drive hundreds of businesses to success.

Stiva knew that any building is more than the sum of its parts: a building is only as good as the improvements in the quality of life of the people within it. We just had to find a way to show that.

The Outcome

We revolutionized their brand identity to make Stiva look and communicate exactly how they felt: like future makers. All their branded materials were reworked so that interested parties could experience the connection Stiva shared with its partners.

We also developed a much friendlier website, one where people could see more than just some pretty buildings, but instead, they could see how real estate can drastically change their lives for the better.

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