Maria Victoria — From struggling bag startup to bagging $42,000 a month

The Challenge

More sales. What everyone with an eCommerce website wants, right? And Carolina, from Maria Victoria is no different. Seems simple enough but with thousands of products trying to break through the clutter to grab money out of consumers wallets, saying that competition is fierce would be an understatement. On top of that, Facebook and Google LOVE to make changes to their platforms, as if we needed an added obstacle to the equation.

But wait, there’s more. I was tasked with launching their campaign during the holiday season, when advertising costs are at their highest as competitors are spending as much as they can to catch consumers when they’re in buy mode. Navigating these waters requires constant care, nonstop monitoring, and outside the box strategy to get in front of who we want to without spending an arm and a leg.


Creative Development
Web Design
Paid Media

The Approach

Maria Victoria and I understood the uphill battle and embraced the challenge with open arms. The most important thing is catching attention and making every ad served make our target audience crave Maria Victoria’s products, while also showcasing the wide array of product types and designs.

My solution was to craft beautifully designed carousels to allow for a “mini shopping experience”, generating new interest and showcasing new products that previous buyers may not have been exposed to. These carousels complimented the video ads perfectly to allow for maximal exposure across different ad formats.

The Outcome

I wasn’t exactly sure who was more excited and impressed with the success, Carolina or me. With all the challenges faced, we tendered our expectations but worked hard to ensure we delivered maximum value for Maria Victoria.

With products discounted up to 30% during various promotional flights, the final return on investment came in around 750%. Maria Victoria made USD $42,000 through the holidays, making December their best month in the 4 years they’ve been operating. I couldn’t be happier with how things went and cannot wait to continue driving tremendous results for Maria Victoria.

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